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"The feelings of uselessness, and being totally lost in direction have been a great burden, and have coloured all my professional decisions over the past 2 years.  Thank you for helping me, and advising me of the career path and business environment, that would best suit me, to ensure growth, and above all happiness.
Thank you again for a very beneficial session, I will definitely keep in contact and obtain your advice regularly."

Robin Kotze, July 2010

HBDIAssociation of Personnel Service Organisations
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Job ID  Date Posted Job Title
965 04/07/14 National Key Accounts Manager (FMCG) New!
964 04/07/14 Head of Sales (FMCG) New!
963 03/20/14 Events Co-Ordinator
962 03/20/14 Procurement/Imports Buyer
961 03/20/14 Sales Executive (Exhibitions)
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